The Image Intelligence API offers image recognition as a service. It utilises a blend of artificial and human intelligence to ensure the most accurate results.

If this is your first time here, please check out our quickstart guide. It will walk you through how to create an account and generate an API access token.

The URLs referenced in the documentation have the following base:

All API access is over HTTPS. The path prefix /v2 indicates that the current iteration of our API is version 2.


There are 6 main endpoints you need to get yourself familiar with:

  • /oauth/token: Request an access token for API authentication
  • /face-recognition/recognize: Sends a list of images for face recognition
  • /detect: Send a list of images and objects for object detection/classification
  • /match: Send a list of images along with a set of targets you would like to find within your images
  • /ask: Ask a yes-or-no question about a set of images
  • /feedback: Submit issues you find with your results from our API

You can read more about each API endpoint by navigating the sidebar menu.